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Welcome New NYC Designer, Chantale Regnier!

We’re excited to announce our first new artist of 2013, Chantale Regnier!  Based in NYC, her first collection makes a bright and bold splash with strong blues, crisp and flowing whites, and punchy patterns.  Pretty and eco-conscious, Chantale Regnier makes fun, classy clothes for the fashion and eco-conscious.  Check our her full bio below, and find her line in the Designers to Know section of the Generator Arts website.  See Chantale Regnier’s collection here.

Chantale Regnier Collection

Chantale Regnier Collection


Chantale Regnier was a little girl who adored men in three piece suits, drawing dresses and playing ‘fashion company’ via home-made fax machines.  After graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Fashion Design, she soon moved to New York to begin her career working for brands like Tracy Reese, J. Crew, Blk Dnm, Ralph Lauren, Pamella Roland and Donna Karan.

“Designing clothes started as an outlet for discovery… And became a way to explore and incorporate world culture, green living and contemporary style into everyday life through fashion.” – C.R.

Chantale Regnier designs ‘classic clothing for the eco-conscious and culturally inspired.’ These garments represent the ever-evolving woman who wants outstanding style to be easy. For the woman who appreciates comfort as much as beauty and who dresses for her figure and her personality not for the passing trends.

Our Pledge: To design and construct with passion: Comfortable, well-made and sustainable basics for naturally beautiful people.


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