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New App Aides Songwriters With Dividing Copyright Ownership – Company Uses Technology To Empower Songwriters



Songwriters can now rely on their iOS, Android or Windows® device to address song splits with collaborators thanks to new mobile app, Split Sheetz®, a copyright management solution that electronically allocates, documents and validates copyright percentages promptly. It is available now on the App Store, Google Play and Windows® Phone Market Place.

Split Sheetz® is a user-friendly app that was designed to simplify and expedite the process of splitting copyright ownership between songwriters. In addition, it provides comprehensive information about copyright registration, performance rights organization (PROs), music royalties and the latest industry news to educate its users.

“Itʼs extremely important that songwriters truly understand the importance of discussing and deciding on song splits as soon as possible after a session,” said Brian Jackson, Creator and Founder of Split Sheetz, LLC and 25-year music industry veteran. “In my experience, not doing so can lead to many problems and disputes later when people develop ʻselectiveʼ amnesia once money is involved. Itʼs time songwriters educate themselves because their songs are their future.
I believe Split Sheetz is the perfect tool to help document splits on the spot because it seems everyone today has a cell phone, iPad, tablet or laptop with them at all times, and the app is available on the three most popular platforms so it is accessible to the masses.”

Highlights of the new mobile application include:

Sync Capability- Instantly and automatically sync information from PDAs and tablets to a desktop or laptop computer or vice versa, by way of the Split Sheetz® “cloud” server.

Signature Verification- Use finger, styling device or photo capture to sign off on proposed splits.

Cataloging System- Files and organizes song information by date, genre, title, co- writer information, publishing percentages, and other pertinent details for copyright registration.

Education Hub- A resource center full of educational articles, tips, and FAQs.about Split Sheetz, LLC.
Split Sheetz, LLC is an L.A. based company that assists in fostering harmonious relationships between music creators throughout the world by providing a platform to alleviate split disputes. Our company provides a solution for protecting copyright interests for songwriters of all ages both domestically and internationally. We also provide an educational platform to empower songwriters in the music industry.

For more information on Split Sheetz, LLC visit Media Contact: Rayshon E. Harris,, 310-477-5032

Originally published on, January 1, 2013.


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