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Music Rising Launches National Relief Fund And Announces Grant To Support Music Programs Affected By Hurricane Sandy

Music Rising

Music Rising

Music Rising, the award winning post-Katrina music initiative founded in 2005 has expanded its mission to rebuild music programs impacted by natural disasters within the entire US. The initial donation being made by the new, nationwide Music Rising program is $250,000 to help rebuild school music programs in the tri-state area that were affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Music Rising’s original mission was to rebuild and preserve the music of the Gulf South region in the aftermath of the devastating2005 hurricanes. Having provided tens of thousands of instruments to musicians, schools, churches and community programs, Music Rising embarked on a partnership with Tulane University to create a curriculum that will permanently preserve the rich musical heritage of the Gulf South. The Studies of the Gulf South: Music Rising program launched in 2012, and will eventually be available to any teaching professional worldwide. In addition, after the 2010 Nashville flood, Music Rising provided significant support to musicians and to the Nashville Symphony. The process for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in applying for assistance is to email DeAnna Sanchez at Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation at or to call directly at 818-762-4328.

Music Rising is actively seeking support and endowments to continue its ongoing work of rebuilding music education programs as such needs arise.For more information about Music Rising or to make a donation go to Music Rising is administered by the Gibson Foundation.

Originally published on, January 9, 2013.


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