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Bark Star Buddies Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Acquire Inventory And Launch Interactive Website

Bark Star Buddies helps dogs and kids through music.

Bark Star Buddies helps dogs and kids through music.

After nearly 18 months of product development, Bark Star Buddies is poised to revolutionize how stuffed animals interact with kids.

“I had the idea for this product because of my passion for music and love of dogs and children” says Jenna Grace, Owner of Bark Star Buddies. “Music is the universal language and it saves lives,“ continues Jenna Grace, “I know this because music saved my life and, as a result, I wanted to create a truly unique product that would excite, entertain, and educate kids in a way that’s never been done before.”

Bark Star Buddies is pursuing a Kickstarter campaign in order to manufacture its first batch of products and launch its patent pending technology.

“Up-front manufacturing costs are very expensive”, says Vince Richards, VP of Sales for Bark Star, “so Kickstarter will help us raise money to get our products into the hands of customers and retail buyers”.

Kickstarter allows companies like Bark Star Buddies to raise money for a project or product before it’s created or launched. Interested individuals can financially back Bark Star Buddies at various levels, and if the project’s $25,000 goal is met, backers receive the version of the product that corresponds with their level of support, with pledges as low as $10.

Here is what YOUR love, support and contribution will do for Bark Star Buddies.

Manufacturing & Inventory
Money raised on Kickstarter will be used for its initial production run. The factory has minimum order quantities based on custom materials they have to purchase and custom production molds that need to be created.

Money raised on Kickstarter will also be used to complete and launch the patent pending portion of its website, accessed using the “backstage pass” obtained with each buddy at purchase. This technology is designed to allow children (adults too) to interact with each buddy on its website, learn how to play instruments, and even write and record their own custom music.

Bark Star Buddies has also developed a series of interactive games and phone apps that will be launched at the same time.

About Bark Star Buddies

Bark Star Buddies was founded in 2010 by a very passionate woman, professional singer, songwriter and musician who wanted to combine her love for music, dogs and children into one truly unique product that can excite, entertain and educate children like never before.

Bark Star Buddies has adopted a goodwill initiative and will donate proceeds of sales of its products to dog shelters and music programs every where.

Originally published January 9, 2013,


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