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Drifter Relaunches Women’s Line

Find Drifter at Satine in Los Angeles

Find Drifter at Satine in Los Angeles

Kim Johnson, director of sales and marketing for Drifter, thinks his Los Angeles line has an advantage over some of the New York–based collections that have casual knits diffusion labels—or even the established, go-to contemporary T-shirt brands.

“If you look at some at these other labels, they are so pretentiously priced,” Johnson said. “We give a U.S. country of origin, which has a very good needlework for knits. U.S. cottons are far superior than any other cotton around.”

When the economy took a downspin, 11-year-old men’s brand Drifter shuttered its women’s division. For Spring 2013, Drifter will relaunch the women’s line using its expertise with domestic knits sourcing, design and production to make edgy, luxurious and directional knits.

Drifter’s French-terry fabrics and cotton jerseys are specially developed with American vendors, and the cut-and-sew production is wholly made in Los Angeles.

Drifter specializes in knits, but Johnson said the company is trying to change the perception that it is only a T-shirt company.

“Even when we make even a basic T-shirt, we try to make it more than that. We are a true cut-and-sew manufacturer and design house,” Johnson said.

The Drifter women’s line has been sold to retailers such as Satine in Los Angeles and Westerly Boutique in Corona del Mar, Calif.

Retail price points average $68 for Pima basics and from $88 to $98 for more-complicated knits designs. A French-terry hoodie with poplin lining and trimmed with exposed zipper is at the highest price point, around $188.

For more information, contact the Los Angeles showroom at (310) 605-1940 or visit

By Rhea Cortado,, February 14, 2013.

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