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Berklee Launches First All-Online MBA in Music Business

It's not as confusing as it looks.

It’s not as confusing as it looks.

Berklee College of Music and Southern New Hampshire University recently announced they will offer the nation’s first MBA in music business that is entirely online.

Berklee said in a statement that the SNHU College of Online and Continuing Education and Berklee Online will begin offering classes toward the degree this fall.

“There’s been a massive shift over the past dozen years in the music industry, from an industry that was very much top-down driven and difficult to break into to one that is much more friendly to disruption, innovation, and fresh ideas,” Debbie Cavalier, vice president of online education at Berklee, said in the statement. “The online MBA in music business provides the perfect opportunity to gain a thorough business background that is completely suited to help enterprising students forward the evolution of the new music business.”

Students will be required to take online MBA courses from SNHU, and music business and marketing classes at Berklee, the statement said. The program can be completed in as little as 21 months, and students from anywhere in the world will be eligible.

“Berklee offers a world-class music education, developing award-winning musicians who go on to find great success throughout the industry,” SNHU President Paul LeBlanc said in the statement. “We will reinforce that with our long history of business education deeply steeped in those fundamentals that matter regardless of industry sector, the skills that often make the difference between failure and success. That’s the critical value-add that Berklee-SNHU graduates will provide when they go out into the market.”

By Katherine Landergan,, 8/8/13.

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One comment on “Berklee Launches First All-Online MBA in Music Business

  1. Mike
    August 30, 2013

    This is just another worthless online MBA program diluting the market place you see similar to the ones advertised on big highway billboards in New England. Online education does not come close to the classroom; employers know this, and savvy students know this. I don’t know how an entire graduate program can even become accredited if it is completed solely online. It is important to have face-to-face contact with your professors and peers who you will be your future colleagues. Online coursework is easier compared to coursework that has a significant classroom component (all tests are open book, etc..). How is a student going to establish real relationships with their classmates and professors online? Isn’t that essential for success in graduate school and beyond? You can only do so much with Skype and facetime. Online education in the form of “hybrid” classes is great in my opinion however; students don’t attain the full educational benefit of acquiring credentials when a program is completed solely online. You cannot substitute real classroom education with online education as the only learning method just to cut costs.

    Many students who are only interested in online degrees are often not willing to make the personal sacrifices people made years ago for their education before the online education industry started booming. What’s next- is law school going to be offered online for people who didn’t get accepted into a real law school? Imagine medical or dental school online… An MBA from a traditional program has become devalued in recent years due to the economy and; unless you graduate from a top school with a solid network and have prior experience, the market is extremely competitive. It is thanks to BS online programs like this diluting the worth of an MBA graduate, as well as college in general.

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