How art gets generated.

Highland Park: Where It’s At for the LA Indie Scene

It’s not rocket science to figure out where the next emerging cultural hot spot will be – find a cheap, urban, industrial neighborhood and you’ll find a few artists hidden away making new masterpieces in their rented-studio-space-by-night, benevolent-print-shop-by-day-who-needed-the-extra-money, and on the occasional weekend you’ll wander down an unfamiliar street to hear a faint drum set playing to a handful of friends in a tiny dive bar, with indifferent regulars lining the back wall.

And the story goes on, once a neighborhood is pegged as ‘up and coming’ for an arts scene, it’s already gone.  Who would’ve thunk it that Mr. T’s Bowl would be the subject of a property bidding war, AND be outbid by a million dollars? Now that Highland Park – which has been home to artist studios and reliable music venues (Juanita’s, anyone?) for a while now – has made it in terms of cool art neighborhoods, the influx of money follows.

Los Angeles neighborhoods don’t change nearly as fast as New York neighborhoods (we miss you, St. Marks!), so get up to Highland Park while you can, say you were there, and tell everyone you saw it coming when the lofts go up.


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