How art gets generated.

The Cultivist: A Cult for the Art World


There are problems with The Cultivist. There are articles written on problems with the Cultivist.  It all boils down to this:  In a stated effort to make art accessible to all, The Cultivist is actively perpetuating the idea that art is elite and exclusive by their very existence.  The problem with The Cultivist is that it is the problem.

The Cultivist is a membership-based group where $2,500 American dollars (2,700 euros for the ‘rest of the world’) will buy you the following:  A membership card with a drawing of your face.  The feeling that you belong to something elite. A ‘Let Me Google That For You’-type service to find you the most profound art experiences for YOU that will resonate with YOU in any city you may travel to in the world.  A feeling that Yes! They really get me because tailored experiences.  Your membership buys you an effortless and enriching jaunt into the exclusive, elite art world, and those at The Cultivist will make you appreciate the art you should appreciate even more, so that you can chat with other members at exclusive member events about all the art you all were told to appreciate.

None of this.  Art is not elite.  Art is not exclusive.  Art is a highly personal experience.  You view works of art through the lens of your entire life.  Everything that you’ve ever experienced in this world up to this point informs how you experience a work of art.  Not all art must be appreciated in the same way.  Either a work speaks to you or it doesn’t, end of story, and no one can tell you otherwise.

The article link below, The Problems with an Exclusive Club that Grants Membership to the Art World, hits it right on the head:  a Cultivist membership won’t buy you the very things you need to enjoy art in a personally meaningful way:  patient attention and intellectual effort.  I will also add intellectual curiosity and self-actualization.

But of course, if you need some advice on how to think for yourself, get yourself a Cultivist membership today. 

One last note about how, through a Cultivist membership, you are offering philanthropic support to the many art institutions they partner with:  There are staff Development professionals at each of these fine institutions who would love to speak with you more about how you can directly support the arts with your $2,500 (2,700 euros for you, rest of the world!).  Give one a call today!


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