How art gets generated.

Sick of Fashion Yet?


That face.  Is fashion dead? Have we been asking that since fashion existed? Has fashion become a casualty of an over-paced society?  It is about more than the clothes, more than the beauty, more than the dream?  Is it the hype? The overlapping fashion weeks?  The fact that nearly everyone has a fashion week, nearly everyone has a fashion blog, and nearly everyone has all the social media they could ever dream of to post up the latest and the greatest?

Fashion is a temporal, living art. Itself changing as quickly as a flawless turn on the runway, as fast as a new trend has been declared “so last year”.  Just like in a room full of screams, it’s the whisper that draws the most attention.  In this current trend of fastest and loudest, maybe it’s time for designers to take a break, but the noise, and refocus on their art.

In the linked article below, the question was posed, “Is Fashion Speeding Towards a Burnout?” to the biggest names in fashion.  The overall consensus?  “Maybe, but I’ll keep doing what I love regardless.”

Read the full article, with all the opinions, here:


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