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That Sweater is Up for Sale


You know the one.  Everyone in the 1990’s knows the one.  THAT sweater Kurt Cobain wore in his MTV Unplugged performance.  Its opening bid was $20,000, and was expected to rake in between $40,000 – $60,000.  A flaxen lock of Mr. Cobain’s hair is also up for auction, with an opening bid of $4,000.

It seems that this is exactly what Cobain railed against.  The fetishization of celebrities’ everythings.  The fetishization of celebrities as people.  While the story of Cobain has faded a little from my memory, it seems that Cobain was just a regular guy, much like his pal Dave Grohl, who made some really great music.  He seemed as uncomfortable with fame as Faith No More’s Mike Patton, but where Patton dealt with it with a slicing sense of humor, Cobain was a little more sensitive.  Anyway, we could go on and on about the fact that Cobain may be rolling in his grave by now, but that is the story of the music machine.  Long live industry.


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