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Tim Gunn Says What Everyone Is Thinking

Thank you for being in this world, Tim Gunn.  The Kanye West collection is ugly.  Beyond ugly. Homeless chic in the worst, most tasteless way imaginable.  And Kim Kardashian is … Continue reading

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That Sweater is Up for Sale

You know the one.  Everyone in the 1990’s knows the one.  THAT sweater Kurt Cobain wore in his MTV Unplugged performance.  Its opening bid was $20,000, and was expected to … Continue reading

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Pay Your Performance Artists

The article below tackles the quandry of a genre of artists who have been sidelined, for the most part, by mainstream art:  performance artists.   The work is temporal, sometimes … Continue reading

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Got Legos?

You’ve probably heard by now that Ai Wei Wei, famed artist of the Lego variety, was turned down for a boatload of Legos on the grounds that his work contains … Continue reading

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Sick of Fashion Yet?

That face.  Is fashion dead? Have we been asking that since fashion existed? Has fashion become a casualty of an over-paced society?  It is about more than the clothes, more … Continue reading

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The Cultivist: A Cult for the Art World

There are problems with The Cultivist. There are articles written on problems with the Cultivist.  It all boils down to this:  In a stated effort to make art accessible to … Continue reading

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Highland Park: Where It’s At for the LA Indie Scene

It’s not rocket science to figure out where the next emerging cultural hot spot will be – find a cheap, urban, industrial neighborhood and you’ll find a few artists hidden … Continue reading

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